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Charles Edge is a well known supplier of bulk high proof spirits to the food, beverage and flavour industry. With core markets in the UK, USA, Europe, Japan, India, Latin American and Australia, we offer worldwide distribution of bulk ethanol & spirits in drums, IBC's and warehouse containers.

Please note: All products are subject to availability and to buyers registered on HMRC verification scheme.

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Charles Edge London is part of the Ethimex group of companies established in 1999. Ethimex is now firmly established as specialists in sourcing and distribution of high quality bulk ethanol, spirits, botanicals as well as new and used casks.

Why Ethimex

25 Years of Unrivaled Expertise

With a network of far-reaching and reliable suppliers around the world, we are masters in sourcing, procuring, and handling premium ethanol and high-proof spirits.

Truly Global Reach

We combine our local expertise in a global market with sales personnel covering Asia & Oceania, Europe, Middle East & India, North America, Latin America, and The Caribbean.

Best-in-Class Logistics, Worldwide

All deliveries are managed by an in-house logistics team based in London, offering bespoke packaging and transport solutions. Bringing peace of mind, getting products everywhere from Rio to Rotterdam.

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