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London Square Spirits

London Square Spirits

With London Square, we wanted to capture the dynamic, iconic and playful nature of London and create something that reflects the diversity of the city.  London Square is our tribute to the creative community that makes the city one of a kind.

London is a vision of colour, noise and creativity and we wanted to create drinks that honoured that. To us, Soho is the heart of it all. In the centre of Soho is a garden called Soho Square, a place of gathering, where people meet to exchange stories and ideas, to get creative.

Taking inspiration for our spirits from this square, we wanted to capture that essence of creativity in our drinks and to encourage you to be creative with how you drink whisky, gin and vodka.

Our spirit, botanical and cask experts taste and test every batch to find our ideal blend of harmony and balance. We partner with British distilleries to create authentic, high-quality spirits that allow you to go and create spectacular drinks and cocktails or simply enjoy on their own.

 So don’t hold back, unleash your creative side and free your spirit with London Square.


At London Square, we pour our soul into our products. We’ve strained every sinew to bring you expertly crafted whisky, gin and vodka infused with passion and creativity – so you can create jaw-droppingly good cocktails to savour.

We create drinks that give you the edge.

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