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Canmore Single Cask - Ardmore 10 Year Old

About Canmore Single Cask
Every whisky is an expression of a distiller's skill. Single Cask whisky combines this artistry with the selected character of an individual cask to create something truly unique that will unlikely be recreated. Straight from the cask, untampered with. No colouring, no chill-filtering, by their nature small batch and limited edition.

After years of working with some of the finest UK distillers, we have selected whiskies that are the most characterful and offer something different. We also work with experts specialising in whisky casks to identify casks that will deliver a truly remarkable marriage of wood and whisky. They understand what flavour outcomes of whisky are when placed within rare quality casks, over different maturation times.

About Ardmore 10 Year Old Single Cask Scotch Whisky
Known for its woodsmoke and peated character, our 10-year-old Ardmore whisky is matured in a bourbon cask and offers those that enjoy smoky whisky something different.

The peatiness is balanced by a gentle apple/floral lift, the product of a distillery specific process that insists on clear wort and long fermentation in wooden washbacks.

Traditionally the distillery is considered an oddity as the whisky character it produces is in contrast to the floral and fruity malts the Highlands are more commonly known for. Our Ardmore 10 Year Old Single Cask edition is limited to 309 bottles.


Distillery: Ardmore, Highlands 

No. of bottles: 309 

Region: Highlands 

ABV: 46%

Non chill filtered

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Light vanilla with a rush of peat and woodsmoke, reminiscent of lapsang souchong tea smokiness.
PALATE: well rounded, charcoal character leads, with hints of sweetness, iodine and aniseed before an earthy, cut grass finish.
FINISH: Memories of bonfire night, lingering vanilla and wood smoke.

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