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Scots Gold Red Blended Scotch Whisky

Friendly, welcoming and inviting. Scots Gold Red is perfect for those starting their journey into the world of whisky as well as seasoned whisky drinkers. Delicious on its own or in a cocktail.

Described as "youthful, spritely, but still approachable" by No Nonsense Whisky "it's grain forward with bags of fresh mint with vanilla and fudge on the nose. The palate has a surprising pleasant mouthfeel with more mint, vanilla and fudge with a twist of tropical fruits at the back end. The finish is medium long and spicy with white pepper."

Tasting Notes

Nose: Toffee, milk chocolate, vanilla and traces of spearmint and fresh mint.

Palate: Lush, rich and rounded. Notes of puréed peach, traces of almond and banana, with some plummy notes.

Finish: Warming with a gentle spice with notes of gentle paprika and pepper.

Suggested Serve

A very friendly and likeable well made Scotch whisky.

Dominic Roskrow

Whisky Critic

Lean and crisp grain notes on the nose, with Bramley apple peels, warm gentle spices, a little vanilla fudge, dry grasses, and custard cream biscuits. The flavors are sweet with creamy buttercream, vanilla, honey, banana, and a streak of mild spices, though it's not until the finish that the spices really steal the show, making for a more impactful tasting experience. Solid, decent, and worth a try.

Jonny McCormick

Whisky Advocate

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